Care Instructions

We personally handcraft your amazing keepsake and hope you love it as much as we love making them ❤️

How to care for your keepsake: 

Tip 1. Find the perfect location for your keepsake. Place in a dry, airy area, away from water sources. Avoid direct sunlight or moist environments.
Tip 2. Use proper metal hanging hardware. No plastic as the frames can be quite heavy. Name frames or larger frames require 2 hooks approximately 20cm apart.
The wire we use is designed to stretch a little. This is attached to the shadow box and not to the frame to ensure no bowing or warping of the frame occurs. 
Tip 3. Clean with a dry microfiber cloth for minor dust accumulation or fingerprints. If this doesn't help, for stubborn dirt/dust build-up use a small amount of water and mild soap to gently clean. 
Tip 4. Enjoy your keepsake for years to come!
Sophia and Helena xx