Specialty Frames

Our specialty frames are perfect for those wanting to unleash their inner creative flair. This is where you can create your own design.

All frames are custom made with your choice of style, design and colour combinations from our large range of frames and mat boards.

Our Specialty frames come with the following:

  • 6x8 Photo professionally printed
  • Minimum number of Casts: 2
  • Casts Colour: Choose from Gold or Silver
  • Mat Board Colours: Over 100 Colours to choose from
  • Standard Frame Options: 12 frames to choose from
  • Plaque: 1 x Engraved plaque with details
  • 3D Wooden Letters (up to 5 letters) / Name Cut into Mat (up to 8 letters)
  • Designer Matting - Premium
  • Premium Frame 
  • Platinum Frame 
  • Additional Plaques 
  • Additional Photos 
  • 3D Wooden Letters (First 5 letters) 
  • Additional 3D Wooden Letters 
  • Hospital Box